BBI History and Evolution

Since its inception in 2004, BBI has evolved from a small consulting firm with limited scope to a large multi-faceted agency providing myriad programs and services in the community. We boast a top-notch clinical team, well-trained and skilled behavior technicians, and behavior coaches along with a superb administrative team -- all working toward providing excellent service and the best practice in all we do. Several members of the lead clinical team work in partnership with Florida Tech, a leading behavior analysis educational institution.

BBI is a responsive, honest, flexible, and hard-working agency. Ethics and best practices guide our policies. We take pride in working with partner agencies and providers to seek solutions that best suit our patients’ and participants' interest.

BBI is rooted in this community with impeccable reputation and high customer satisfaction across all contracts and all programs.


The company’s service provision is diverse yet in line with ABA best practices. Our focus is on improving family stability and education to support and teach children who present with social/emotional and behavioral issues. We believe in a holistic approach to treatment and the inclusion of all parties who impact a child across environments. At BBI we have a strong focus working with children who are victims of abuse and neglect. Our clinicians are experts in child welfare and trauma informed care. We use ABA therapy to close the gap in significant missed learning opportunities. Children who have been raised in extreme chaos, as is often the case in abusive situations, tend to miss out on critical learning milestones in the areas of emotional intelligence, social skill development, behavior, emotional self-control, anger management, academics, and daily living skills.

Additionally, we offer four parent education programs, funded by Communities Connected for Kids and South East Florida Behavioral Health Network, which take a clinically intensive approach to educating parents to improve protective capacities and proactive behavior management. Each program focuses on highlighting and expanding on participant strengths, and teaching competency, and proactive skills.


The BBI team is a one-of-a-kind, dynamic group of people with individual styles that complement each other quite wonderfully. This unique partnership among team members leads to creative “out of the box” programming and teaching styles.

We are leaders in Professional and Caregiver training and offer a variety of workshop topics geared toward parental support and assistance navigating various situations.

Several of our staff continue to serve as instructors for student analysts through formal education in a university setting and in-the-field training.