It takes a village
to raise a child

Our tried and tested care tactics complement parents and caregivers of children who present with social, emotional, and behavioral issues

Behavior Basics, Inc

is your village

BBI provides applied behavior analysis and parent education services to children and families. Since its inception in 2004, BBI has evolved from a small office with a limited scope to a multi-faceted agency that proffers a myriad of care programs and services within the community.

Over the years, our behavioral analysis and education programs have helped countless victims of abuse and neglect connect with those who love them. These methods have been perfected by our team of expert clinicians and their unceasing dedication to advancing the field of child welfare and trauma-informed care. Additionally, we offer three parent education programs, funded by Communities Connected for Kids and Hibiscus Children’s Center and South East Florida Behavioral Health Network. These parent education programs employ intense clinical approaches to improve child protection techniques and hone proactive behavior management strategies.

Applied Behavior Analysis and Parent Education Services Port Saint Lucie

Bold Solutions 4 Behavior Management

Your child will receive supportive, goal-oriented, and data-driven therapy

Behavior Analysis

We conduct assessments, design treatment plans, and provide guardian and caregiver training to enhance treatment and data collection.

Behavior Analysis Fort Pierce

Registered Behavior Technician

Our paraprofessionals transform Lead Analyst recommendations into customized treatment plans.

Behavior Technician Consultation Port Saint Lucie

Parent Education Programs

We provide the tools necessary for parents and guardians to easily develop safe and proactive discipline at home.

Parent Education Programs Port Saint Lucie

BBI looks after the most vulnerable among us


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder


Oppositional Defiant Disorder


Obsessive Compulsive Disorder


Adjustment Disorders


Post-traumatic Stress Disorder


Conduct Disorder


Language Disorder


Autism Spectrum Disorders


Bipolar Disorders

Provide care, measure the outcome, and refine the theory -- that's how we've become the best

Parents and caregivers recognize our dedication
to results

Child Behavioral Therapy & Management Fort Pierce