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BBI provides applied behavior analysis and parent education services to children and families. Since its inception in 2004, BBI has evolved from a small office with a limited scope to a multi-faceted agency that proffers a myriad of care programs and services within the community.

Over the years, our behavioral analysis and education programs have helped countless victims of abuse and neglect connect with those who love them. These methods have been perfected by our team of expert clinicians and their unceasing dedication to advancing the field of child welfare and trauma-informed care. Additionally, we offer three parent education programs, funded by Communities Connected for Kids and Hibiscus Children’s Center and South East Florida Behavioral Health Network. These parent education programs employ intense clinical approaches to improve child protection techniques and hone proactive behavior management strategies.

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To sustainably improve quality of life through our science, one family at a time, through education, in-situ training, and ongoing coaching to optimize outcomes while expanding our reach and societal impact.

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We aspire to be the provider of choice to meet the needs of children and families within our communities

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Through our science, we are dedicated to improving the lives of all those that we are fortunate enough to come in contact with

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The philosophy at Behavior Basics, Incorporated (BBI) is to look at each client, family, and therapy team, from a 360° perspective, to develop their individualized plan of action and to deliver a competent intervention program that increases the likelihood of future sustainable success. Our agency collaborates and thinks outside the box to create community connections to address the deficits identified in the 3600 analysis and support for the families we serve. The purpose of the programs we administer is laser focused at increasing skills and competencies for every child and adult client we serve for ongoing and long lasting behavior change.

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At Behavior Basics we are one unit, interconnected in our common mission to leave this world, and its inhabitants, better than we found it. To work together as one to accomplish this goal. Our in house image of this is a unity circle vs. the more common hierarchy of corporate leadership which utilizes a top down approach to decision making and driving change. Our internal value system includes cultural diversity, engagement, results, happiness, balance, value, trust, transparency, respect, reciprocity, unity, pride, communication, energy, passion, health, gratitude, integrity, self-care.


Dear current and future employee and client,

At Behavior Basics, Incorporated (BBI), we chase greatness in all we do and are steadfast in our social responsibility to better our communities and the people we serve. Our in house mantra is #beagamechanger. To successfully accomplish this for our clients we work together to support, educate, and learn from one another. We believe identifying problems and barriers in our workplace and community leads to creativity and problem solving which propels us to the next level of personal and professional success!

This company was born nearly two decades ago (est. 2004), and the evolution and growth over this time is a testament to our solid foundation and commitment to leaving the world a better place than where we found it, we can only successfully do this by working together, unity in our team, trust in each other, and open communication, this is how we are able to continually advance and grow. The result of our good work with each other leads to improved outcomes for the clients and families we serve in our communities.

BBI welcomes employees to join our teams who share our passion and commitment, those who are willing to roll up their sleeves and commit to service. You will be joining a team and a community with shared values and work ethic. On behalf of the BBI family, we look forward to partnering and sharing this journey with you, let’s #growtogether.

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder


Oppositional Defiant Disorder


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Adjustment Disorders


Post-traumatic Stress Disorder


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Language Disorder


Autism Spectrum Disorders


Bipolar Disorders

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