ABA Therapy Clinic

ABA Therapy Clinic Center

  1. Behavior Basics now offers intensive 1:1 ABA Therapy in our new clinic center conveniently located in Port St Lucie on US Highway 1! Please call to set up a tour and discover the benefits of a hybrid model of ABA therapy in clinic, home and community settings. Get the BEST therapy for your child.

  2. We opened the ABA clinic to create an environment where children with varying abilities could flourish in a safe and peaceful space, while learning prosocial and functional behaviors with their peers and across multiple therapists to encourage generalization of behaviors.
  3. Center-based ABA therapy offers a structured and unique experience for your child. This modality offers the opportunity for your child to master their program targets at a much faster rate than strictly home/community based therapy. We are able to provide a structured environment and materials relevant to your child’s therapy and to introduce and control environmental distractions. The environment also offers us a tremendous learning and training opportunity for the parents and caregivers of the child, by appointment, to allow for observation of sessions between the therapist and your child and to host you for more formalized trainings in a group or individualized setting.

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